In the early 1980's my father Cristoforo had a choice to either go to Sao Paolo (Brazil) to help run his uncle's coffee roasting business or to come to London to work in some of the fine Italian restaurants amongst the best chefs.


He took a gamble and chose London (England).After many years of making some good contacts whilst working within the restaurant enviroment he decided to set up a wholesale company selling Italian food & beverage to the UK market.This became a great success.

Then in 2006 he decided to retire and pass on his portfolio of customers to his son Alessandro (Alex) who had always had a great passion for good quality coffee and other Italian food products. Alex added a new line into the business offering its past and now present customers the choice of a high quality fresh roast coffee plus coffee machine services & barista training.

In early 2020 he introduced other Italian food products.


Thanks to all of our  loyal customers, we keep growing and growing!

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